Ziyarat of Ameenullah

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This is the Ziyarat of Imam `Ali (a), recited when visiting his grave, or from afar when commemorating his death­date, the day of Ghadeer and other such occasions.

This Ziyarat has been taught by the fourth Imam (a) who used to recite it at the grave of Imam `Ali (a). It is a Du'a, as well as a ziyarat. Hadith tells us that it carries great reward, and will be kept as a proof of the recitor's love for the Ahlul Bayt (a).

Ziyarat of Ameenullah

Peace be on You, O the trustee of Allah on His earth,

and His Proof over His servants.

Peace be on you, O `Ameerul Mu'mineen.

I bear witness that,

you strived in the way of Allah what is due,

and you acted upon His Book,

and followed the ways of His Prophet,

blessings of Allah be on him and his family,

until Allah called You to His side.

So He took you to Him by His choice,

and made incumbent upon your enemies the proof,

with what you have of the considerable proofs,

over all of His creation.

O Allah, then make my soul ,

satisfied with Your decree,

pleased with what You have destined for me,

fond of Your rememberance and supplications,

loving Your chosend friends.

(Let me be)well­liked on Your earth and in Your heavens,

patient when You send down afflictions,

grateful for Your gracious blessings,

remembering Your abundant bounties,

yearning for the happiness of meeting with You,

equipped with piety for the day of Your reward,

avoiding the manners of Your enemies,

diverted from the (love of) world by

Your rememberance and Your praise.

This part of the ziyarat was read by our fourth Imam (a) while resting his

cheek on the grave of Imam Ali (a)

O Allah,

the hearts of those who humble themselves

before You, are full of love.

the paths of those who desireYou are fixed.

The signs for those who seek You are clear.

The hearts of those who know You,

are empty of other than You.

The sounds of those who call You rise to You,

and the gates of answers are open for them.

The prayer of the one who whispers to you is answered.

The repentance of the one who turns to You is accepted.

The tears of the one who weeps in Your fear

are dealt with mercifully.

Help is available for one who cry for help from You,

and assistance is given generously to the one who seeks it.

Your promises for Your servants are fulfilled.

The errors of the one who seeks to reduce them,

are reduced.

The actions of the doers (of good deeds),

are preserved with You,

and the provision for Your creatures comes down.

The promises of increase (in provision) reach them,

The sins of those who seek forgiveness are forgiven.

The needs of Your creatures are fulfilled.

The rewards of the beseechers are available in plenty,

with You.

The promises of increase are continous.

Wholesome food is prepared for the hungry,

and drinks are filled for the thirsty.

O Allah,

so answer my prayer,

and accept my praise.

Unite me with my friends,

for the sake of Muhammad, and `Ali,

and Fatima, Hasan and Husayn (a).

Surely You are,

the Master of my bounties,

the object of my desires,

the goal of my hopes,

in my ultimate end and my stable abode.

(O Allah),

You are my God, my Lord, and my Master.

Forgive (the sins of ) our guardians,

keep away our enemies from us,

and divert them from troubling us.

Let the word of Truth become manifest

and make it supreme,

and let the word of falsehood be refuted

and make it low,

Surely You have power over all things.